Thursday, January 22, 2009

About Frodology

Religion is perhaps the greatest source of untapped comedy material. Scientology sounds like something a 9-year old would cook up in a creative writing class. The universe is only billions of years old? Screw that, my characters have been around for trillions. Thumb nose, exit stage left.

But in our rash bid to lash out at the most outrageous of sincerely held beliefs, there's a real danger of overlooking the most uproariously ridiculous of religious tenets, usually standing a hairbreadth from our collective nose.

If you're in a public place right now - a cafe, train, library or bathroom (you creepy bastard) - then please, take a look around. See that guy over your left shoulder? He worships a reanimated corpse. The woman in front of you? She's convinced that, despite every single shred of evidence scientists have ever uncovered, dinosaurs once walked the earth with man. 

This is unrivalled material, but there's a problem. You can't rely on the religious to make fun of themselves. The task thus falls to us, and it is this blog's lofty ambition to satirize and ridicule religion via the worship of Frodo, the scrappy, unlikely protagonist of The Lord of the Rings. For Frodo is our Messiah, our Lord, and our stand-in metaphor for Simon & Garfunkel songs. 

After all, as your Creator, who are you to question?

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