Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tangentially relevant octopus art

A few weeks ago I drew a picture in tribute to PZ Myers, beloved heathen blogger of Pharyngula, depicting a cephalopod battling a gaggle of orcs. Since it is self-evidently a masterpiece of crudely drawn monochrome crossover artwork, it would be a shame to allow the world to be a lesser place for never having seen it. Also, there was no cartoon in my previous post.

"Child of Frodo"

Click to enlarge (and then some)

Frodo be with you all.


piggymceatsalot said...

it's like Gulliver's Travels....gone horribly horribly wrong.

Vitamin R said...

I think the best touches were the skulls on that broken mast, and that dude getting slurped up by the octopus. Hee, and that one arm severed in chunks . . . classic. You should definitely post more.

Piggymceatsalot--if I'd known people battled and got eaten by octopi in Gulliver's Travels, I'd have tried hard to finish it ;D

yunshui said...

Props to the bold orc who's still standing there poking the giant octopus with a spear - is that supposed to be an allegory of Ray Comfort?

CodewordConduit said...

Was the Watcher in the Water a cephelapod?

Or a Kraken?

Was it good or evil? I ask because it only attacked Frodo (who is all-good), but Frodo was wearing the One Ring (which was very very bad).

Dani' El said...

Sorry pal, that's just not crude enough for my tastes.

You've been Drawing While Sober haven't you?! Admit it!!

Isn't DWS a crimesin?

That's an idea. What are Frodology's doctrines on alchol?
Did Frodo make his own like you know who?

FrodoSaves said...

You should definitely post more


If ever I can be bothered to invest more hours into tangentially relevant Frodo art, I will certainly post them!

is that supposed to be an allegory of Ray Comfort?


Only inasmuch as if he turns to flee, he's finished!

Was the Watcher in the Water a cephelapod?


Efforts to recover the skeleton or fossil of the Watcher have so far proved fruitless. They remain ongoing, however. It does also raise the possibility that the Watcher is still alive somewhere... As the Watcher tried to prevent Frodo from entering the mines, we can assume that it had some idea of what would transpire within. We can therefore deduce that its motives were good, but bumbled the execution. An informative sign reading 'Orcs, demons, and sharp rusty metal ahead' would have been preferable.

Thanks for the good questions!

What are Frodology's doctrines on alcohol?


DWS is allowable on Sundays. Frodo recognizes that each man must have his day of rest from booze. In short, Frodo was no foe of alcohol, but the rules are too complicated to convey here! Fear not, I shall educate thee in the coming weeks!

Max said...

"it's like Gulliver's Travels....gone horribly horribly wrong."

More like horribly, horribly right!